Sooner Flight Academy is located on the University of Oklahoma North Research Campus.  This facility is on the Max Westheimer Airport in Norman, OK.  Our street address is 1928 Goddard Ave.  A Google Map can be found on any of our events on the upcoming events page.

No matter the season, Sooner Flight Academy makes every attempt to go outside at some point during every program.  Please dress appropriately for the weather and for being active.  This means close-toed shoes.  If it’s likely to be cold outside, wear a jacket, gloves, and a hat.  If it’s likely to be hot, shorts and t-shirts are great (especially light-colored clothing to reflect as much heat as possible).  Please dress modestly as well, as  children in any learning environment don’t need any additional distractions.  For all day programs, please send a sack lunch and drink.  We cannot refrigerate or microwave food for camp participants.

The Sooner Flight Academy is part of the College of Professional and Continuing Studies.  We are required to use the College's central registration system for all of our events.  While we can pull information from that database to show you your registration history, we cannot send them information to automatically log you in to their system.  You will need to create a registration log-in (or use one from a previous event you registered for) to register for a Sooner Flight Academy event.  If you are a new customer, we recommend using the same email address for both our website and the registration system.

When you log-in to the Sooner Flight Academy (SFA) website, we use the associated email address to query the registration database.  If you have registered for multiple events using different email addresses, you will only be able to see the registration history associated with one email address at a time.  You can change your email address associated with your SFA account at our Update My Info page (click link to the left).

You need to login to the website in order to register for summer camp, day camp and workshops.

Events that do not have registration buttons are not open to individual registration.  Either registration is closed or the event is a group scheduled event.